Hi there.

I'm a values-led Regenerative Researcher, Service Designer, Eco-futurist & Climate Justice Activist. Working for more liberatory services, organisations and futures for all.

A black and white photo of Eloise, a woman in glasses and a dress.
A black and white photo of Eloise, a woman in glasses and a dress.

I've led award-winning, impactful work

”I can recommend Eloise Smith-Foster as a creative, respectful facilitator and service designer for regenerative futures-thinking at a very exciting time for grassroots change. Eloise and I worked together in 2021 to engage more than 80 organisations across the voluntary, public and private sectors in Wales to produce Voluntary Sector Futures: co-designing a future vision for the voluntary sector 2030 to support strategic thinking (Welsh Council for Voluntary Action).

The attentive space for listening held by Eloise during participation (equal time spent with volunteers in local neighbourhoods, to service delivery managers, and business entrepreneurs) was regarded as one of the strengths of the process and was seen as an opportunity to ‘refresh and re-set’ during very pressing day-to-day operations. A professional, informed and generative approach to final designs is a trademark of Eloise's work, and bringing forward personal testimonials and quotes from participants is so affirming and nourishing.

I can thoroughly recommend collaborating with her!”

- Suzanne Iuppa, client partner, WCVA and Copronet Wales

I'm a Co-founder and collaborator for purposeful partners

Work History

Researcher, Designer & Futurist, Freelance, October 2023 to present

Co-founder, Design Activists for regenerative Futures (DARF),
2022 to present

Lead Service Designer, Futurice,
2021 to present

Associate Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam UX & CDD Bachelors & Apprenticeship program, October-December 2023

Service Designer, Hellon,

Board Member, Manager and Service Designer, the Service Design Network, 2016-18

Voluntary Sector Futures
Design Activists for Regenerative Futures (DARF)
Co-lab Participatory Design Game

With Hellon, the NHS & Surrey Heartlands ICS

Voluntary Collective

Core 77 Award winner, SDN Award Finalist 2022

Decarbonising farming with a co-created circular service

With Hellon and Yara, Fast Company Award Winner, SDN Award Finalist

Master of European Design (MEDes) Thesis

Supporting Community Land Ownership & Governance

Selected Projects

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